This is a concentrated Pear flavor with a natural taste. It is really difficult to get a true pear taste that is concentrated, so this is as close as we could come.
Some customers like to sweeten this up for a more “candy pear” taste – (use our sweetener, or ethyl maltol)

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Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water.

*This flavor can vary from a pale amber color, to a dark amber. This is due to variation in the raw ingredients. Also, on occasion, it can separate a little.
*Also in very cold weather the Maltol in this flavor can cause tiny crystals to form. Please shake the bottle before dispensing.

Concentrated flavours are FOOD flavouring concentrates and MUST be diluted before use.
All liquid products were repackaged in a different package than the manufacturer’s package.
For more info, please review our Terms Of Use.

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