KangerTech Dripbox Coil Head

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Dripbox Prebuilt 0.2Ω Kanthal (Rebuidable Deck)
Sub-ohm coil: Use ONLY with sub-ohm compatible mod/pen
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KangerTech Dripbox Coil Head

KangerTech Dripbox coil head for KangerTech Dripbox, Dripbox 160, Dripbox 2, and DRIP EZ. The KangerTech Dripbox prebuilt rebuildable deck gives you all the benefits offered with a rebuildable atomizer, without actually needing to do any rebuilding. Sounds like a dream? In reality, these DripBox coils are prebuilt coils, and they allow you to replace the whole rebuildable deck, while also allowing the option to replace the coil as well. Built with Kanthal wire and Japanese organic cotton, they feature a low 0.2 ohm resistance, for the ultimate in vapour production and seriously profound flavour. The deck itself is designed for dual coil configuration with its two-post build deck for future rebuilding, in addition to its Gold-Plated Contact Base and being Squonk-Ready, all that makes it an amazing economical option that offers a great vaping experience.

Available Coils:

  • KangerTech Dripbox prebuilt RBA 0.2Ω Kanthal

Compatible Tanks:

  • KangerTech Dripbox
  • KangerTech Dripbox 160
  • KangerTech Dripbox 2
  • KangerTech DRIP EZ

More Compatible Coil Options:

  • N/A
  • 1x KangerTech Dripbox Prebuilt Head (Single Head: select 3 for a full discounted pack)
Rebuildable (RBA/RDTA/Dripper) Tanks Warning
Rebuildable tanks and drippers coil building has known risks!
Experience and good electric knowledge, especially about ohm, voltage, wattage, and using related measuring devices. NOT recommended for average users.
Faulty coils can cause vape devices to blow and may cause serious/fatal injuries.

Sub-Ohm Tanks Warning
Sub-Ohm coil heads has known risks!
Knowledge about the compatibility of every component of your your vape device is VERY important; especially the compatibility of your MOD and BATTERIES with a Sub-Ohm coil head. NOT recommended for beginners.
If you will use a sub-ohm coil head, you MUST be sure that your tank, mod device, and batteries support sub-ohm coil heads. Extra safety precautions should be practiced when using a sub-ohm tank.
In case of using sub-ohm coil head with a vape device that has any component that is not compatible with sub-ohm coil heads; the vape device can blow and may cause serious/fatal injuries.

Use on your own risk!
We will not be responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or/and defect, whether permanent or temporary, that may be caused by improper use or/and selection of any vape device or/and its components; including but not limited to Li-ion batteries, coils, tanks, and mods.
Please refer to the Terms and conditions for more detailed information.

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