Premium Plus Nicotine Base


100% Organic – USP – No Peppery Taste – Low Throat-Hit
Premium Plus Nicotine undergoes an extra distillation stage to eliminate any trace of tobacco taste & smell.

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The premium plus nicotine mix is distilled from carefully selected tobacco leaves with over 99% purity, then it undergoes an extra distillation stage to eliminate any trace of tobacco taste and smell. Not synthetically produced.

It is 100% Organic USP flavourless nicotine mix made with the highest grade nicotine available diluted to your choice of concentration in USP Grade propylene glycol or/and USP vegetable glycerin.

  • 48mg means 48mg per each ml.
  • Keep capped, chilled, & in a dark place.
  1. Wear protective gear when mixing and do it in a well-ventilated area.
  2. MUST be diluted in your eLiquid below 25mg. Recommended 3-12mg.
  3. Very DANGEROUS if swallowed.
  4. AVOID any contact with eyes, skin, or clothing.
  5. KEEP OUT of reach of children, pets, and unaware adults.
  6. Use with proper information, tools and laboratory/facility.

NicSelect® premium nicotine has always been the #1 choice for quality e-liquids producers, as it’s unique with its smooth flavour and gentle throat hit that blends with other ingredients.

Alchem International NicSelect® liquid nicotine is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards under pharmaceutical GMP conditions and subject to rigorous analytical controls to ensure the highest purity and lowest impurity levels. This ensures compliance with even the strictest regulations as well as guarantees outstanding quality and consistency. Alchem is REACH and TPD compliant for Europe and will soon be submitting a TPMF (tobacco products master file) on NicSelect® to the FDA that you can reference in your PMTA applications for the US.

– 100% Natural nicotine from carefully selected tobacco leaves
– Near zero impurities significantly exceeding EP/USP monographs
– #1 choice for quality e-liquids producers
– Light in taste and clear in colour for a superior vaping experience

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